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Caption: The third in-country Training the Teachers (TTT)  program for 2016 delivered in Cebu City, the Philippines, from 22-26 August 2016.

With the support of the Asian Development Bank, the Academy collaborated with the host institution, the University of Cebu College of Law, to deliver a five-day course to 30 participants from across the Philippines.  While some of the participants have been teaching environmental law for several years, over half had not previously done so and were undertaking the course to prepare themselves for this task. The Academy training team comprised Rob Fowler, Gerthie Mayo-Anda, Sandy Paterson and Donna Craig with Philippine trainers Rose-Liza Osorio, Golly Ramos, Dody Maralit and Maria Hernandez-Belloso. Throughout the week, the atmosphere in the training was very high energy and enthusiastic. The participants particularly embraced the opportunity to experience a wide range of new teaching methodologies and committed to introducing a number of these into their teaching in the future.

The TTT program has already held successful courses in Malaysia and Vietnam. Next, the TTT program takes its moveable feast of environmental law training to Beijing in October. Congratulations to Rob Fowler and Winnie Carruth for developing, managing and implementing such a successful Academy project.

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